Learning to Drive


The first thing to do in becoming a learner driver is to obtain a provisional driving licence. If you already possess appropriate forms of identification such as a passport, you may make an application online. You may obtain your  provisional Driving licence before your 17th birthday so that you can if you want to begin lessons on your birthday.



An important step towards obtaining a full licence is to pass your theory test. Many learners learn for their theory while they are taking practical driving lessons. As well as the questions you need to pass the hazard perception test. The candidate has to pass in both sections at the same test. if you fail at one you have to take both parts again.



The majority of people who learn to drive in the UK have one driving lesson each week. But some learners become aware  that two or more lessons per week is better as they are more likely to remember what they have learned if they don’t have to wait a whole week between driving lessons. The time you have to wait for practical test appointments can vary but the Driving and vehicle Standards Agency target waiting time for practical tests is 6 weeks. However it’s important that you do not go for test before your instructor says you are ready. The UK pass rate is approximately50% and the Driving Standards Agency have made it clear that a major reason in candidates failing the practical test is that they are under prepared.



When you have passed the test you will get a pass certificate. This allows you to drive immediately. The candidate will usually receive the full driving licence  within 2-3 weeks. Being a good driver is not about passing  a driving test. It’s about being a good  confident and considerate driver in all circumstances. To help our pupils we off the pass plus course of post test training to enable pupils to attain to an even higher standard