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What To Prepare for Driving Lesson?

You might have agreed that learning to drive formally is the best way to pass driving tests in Tunbridge Wells and get your real driving licence. Just like go to an ordinary school, there are things you should prepare for your driving lesson in a driving school. If you’ve just enrolled in a driving lesson in the UK, check things you should prepare below for a good start.

Provisional Licence

Never forget your provisional licence when taking a lesson at the Tunbridge Wells driving school in the UK. You should keep the licence on your wallet all the time even you’re in a supervised driving with your instructor. The instructor may ask you for the licence and if you can’t show one, she/he may not continue with the session. On the other hand, it’s a violation for not bringing the provisional licence if you’re behind the wheel even when you’re driving the car with your instructor.

Highway Code

It’s highly suggested to get familiar with the Highway Code before attending your first driving lesson. When you enrol in a driving lesson, you may get modules and the Highway Code should be one of them. If you can’t find one, you can learn the UK’s Highway Code from online sources. The code contains sets of road rules you should obey and respond when driving the car. This would be more crucial if you take the package that doesn’t include the Highway Code class. Knowing the code in advance allows you to take driving lessons more effectively.


For the best driving lesson experience, it’s better if you wear comfortable outfits, especially for footwear. You’ll deal with two or three pedals depending on the transmission type you choose. Use the right footwear which generally features good grip, breathable designs, and moderate tight fitting. Don’t wear stilettos, high heels, or any slippery footwear as they’ll make you losing controls on the pedal. Besides, you’ll feel discomfort during your driving lesson sessions.


It’s no longer a secret that learning to drive needs a full concentration and you can’t gain it if you’re not fit enough. There are various tasks you should perform during the driving  lesson, listening to the instructors, steering the wheel, paying attention to Highway Code, and so forth. Many students keep failing to comprehend driving skills as they barely concentrate on their driving lessons. Have a nice rest and take adequate nutrition to make your body & mind fit and fresh for driving lesson.


Driving lessons in Tunbridge Wells aren’t only about learning to drive with the instructor but also about how you keep practicing what you’ve learned through sessions. If you’re not practicing, your next session may be about repeating the same topics. This way, you’ll waste time and money on your driving lessons. By practicing, you not only enhance your proficiency but also boost your confidence for the next session of the driving lessons. Don’t forget to prepare your theory test as soon as you start your driving lessons in a driving school.

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