Test cancellations

The time required to wait at many driving test centres is now in excess of three months and its causing a lot of people a lot of problems. People who need to have a driving licence for their job, people who have just failed there test or people who had problems with the theory test and so are behind schedule with making a driving test booking are all struggling with this problem.

The DVSA seem oblivious to the problem choosing to blame the public for booking tests and not turning up. However this is merely an attempt to  deflect the blame for their own mismanagement of the UK driving test service.

To fill the gap a number of driving test cancellation finder services have sprung up offering to do what the DVSA seem unable to do and that is enable people to get quicker tests. for the individual the only possibility is to keep logging on in the hope that a candidate has just cancelled a test. Of course this is unrealistic. These cancellation services, for a small fee,  will automatically login to the DVSA system and tell you by email or text as soon as a date becomes available.

it could of course be that the DVSA will prevent these businesses automatically logging on in this way. But seriously they should take a long hard look at themselves and see that if only they provided an effective service themselves then these services would not be required.