Save money on driving lessons

You can easily save loads of money on your driving lessons by adopting a few simple measures. The problem for most people with driving lessons is that they get into the car one week, have their lesson and then forget about everything they learned until the next lesson. Their instructor then says Ok now what did we do last week? “er, err – I can’t remember” is often the reply. Well  how are you going to make progress when you cant even remember what you did last week?


Many pupils approach driving lessons as something that is done to them. They get into the car and hope to get out at the end of the lesson as a better driver without even putting much thought into it. Learn with driveschool Leicester driving lessons and you will get great value for money lessons


The best way to save money on driving lessons is not to go to the cheapest driving instructor but to look to yourself. If you interact with your lessons, ask questions, think about what you’re doing, don’t just wait for the instructor to tell you what you’ve done wrong but analyse for yourself you will make much quicker progress and as a result will effectively save money on your lessons.


In fact you will probably save money if you adopt this approach and then go to the most expensive instructor in your area. He or she will probably use coaching techniques that help you to self-analyse and help you