Glasses for Driving

If you need to wear glasses in everyday life then the chances are that you need to wear glasses for driving. To be able to take the UK driving test you need to be able to read a car number plate at a distance of 20 metres. Any less than than this and you will not be able or allowed to take your test. However it is important to remember that this is the minimum. Someone with excellent vision should be able to read a number plate from further away than that.

Get Tested

If you need to get your eyesight tested checkout Glasses4U for all the relevant information. You may be able to get help with the cost of an eyesight test if you are on benefits, or some opticians such as Specsavers offer vouchers for free tests.

The sunday times reports that a significant majority of UK car users believe an eye test should be a mandatory part of the driving test. In November 2018, the Association of Optometrists also called for compulsory, regular “comprehensive vision checks” of motorists, in order for them to be allowed to keep their licence.

Even though the DVLA launched an awareness campaign in July 2018 to encourage British drivers to regularly have their eyes tested it seems that there are lots of drivers who continue to drive with defective vision. Cheap glasses can easily be obtained through Glasses 2 You.

Sofia Fazal, Professional Services Manager at ZEISS Vision Care UK said: “Our research shows that there is just as much appetite for a change in the law amongst the public as there is amongst road safety organisations”

glasses 2 you

Automatic Lessons in Luton

Why learn in an automatic car in Luton?

Quite simply it’s much easier to learn in an automatic car. You only have to contend with two pedals (the accelerator and brake) and so do not have to worry about a clutch pedal. This in turn means that you don’t need to trouble yourself with finding the biting point or the possibility of stalling. No gears means that you don’t have to worry about selecting the correct gear and you can focus more on the road ahead.

If you are struggling with learning in a manual car, then an automatic may be just the thing for you.

Of course you will then only be able to drive an automatic car in the future. With more and more cars in the UK being automatic this may not be a problem for you. For other people getting a licence in an automatic can be a stepping stone towards getting a manual licence.

If you want to discuss having Luton driving lessons in automatic car then contact Mirrors School of Motoring

Driving Instructor Jobs

To become a DVSA approved driving instructor you need to pass three tests. The first is a theory and hazard perception test, the second is a test of your driving ability and the third is a test of your instructional ability. This third part involves you teaching a real pupil for an hour with an examiner in the back to assess your performance. No one is allowed to charge for driving lessons unless they are registered with the DVSA.

Most driving instructors are either self-employed working for yourself or work under a franchise scheme. So basically if you are looking for a driving instructor job then effectively you are looking to sign up for a franchise.

What is a driving school franchise?

A franchise can operate in a number of different ways. They may be a franchise where the company (such as Red or BSM) supplies the car, the insurance, does the advertising and marketing and supplies the pupils. Other franchises may involve either you supplying your own car, or you acquiring your own pupils or any number of other variations.

With a franchise you do not get a guaranteed “wage” although the company may guarantee how many pupils they will supply. There is no such thing as a driving instructor job where everything is done for you, the pupil pays the company and you get a guaranteed wage. So effectively 99.9% of driving instructors who are teaching learners are self-employed.

By and large the people who may get a fixed wage as a qualified driving instructor are those who may be fleet trainers working for a specific organisation or those offering specific defensive driving packages.


Speeding Ticket Advice

If you think you’ve been flashed by a speed camera and are worried you will get a speeding fine, this is what happens:

– Within 14 days the owner of the speeding vehicle will receive a Notice of Intended Prosecution

– There is a section on the NIP for you to complete to say who was the driver. If you do not complete this section, you will be liable to a fine and six penalty points on your licence

– If your speed is not too much above the speed limit, the driver will normally be offered a fixed penalty notice – three points on your licence and a £60 fine – see fines & penalties . Sometimes speeding drivers are offered a speed awareness course as an alternative to a fixed penalty notice. Whether these courses are offered is at the discretion of the local police force.

– If your speed is above a certain level you will not receive an offer of a fixed penalty fine but instead will receive a summons to attend court.

If you genuinely do not believe you were speeding, you may defend the case- see Common Speeding Defences. If you are going to defend the case it may be worth consulting a lawyer experienced in speeding cases.

There are several different types of speed cameras – the common ones are Gatso’s which use a film and flash and Truvelo’s which use an infra red beam. There are also spex cameras which work out your average speed over a given distance.

Speeding defences

If you genuinely believe that you were not speeding, you are entitled to ask the police to see their evidence that you were speeding. In the case of speed cameras you are entitled to see the pictures. There have been cases where the number plate of speeding vehicles has been misread.

A speeding conviction has sometimes been avoided where the owner of the vehicle does not know who was driving. In such a case the owner must make every effort to discover who the driver was.

It is no defence to say that there were no signs warning of speed cameras. However it may be a defence if there were no speed limit signs or if they were obscured.

If the owner does not receive the Notice of intended prosecution within 14 days or if there are significant material mistakes on the NIP then this may be a defence.

If you think you may have a valid defence to a speeding ticket then you should consult a motoring lawyer for expert advice and guidance.

Lowering insurance with speeding limiters

Figures for road deaths revealed recently show some good news with the final number of deaths on UK roads falling. However behind the figures  showing the fall in road deaths there is a disturbing increase revealed in deaths among young motorists aged between 18-25 and often these deaths involve speeding.

In order to combat the issue a brand new plan that’s been effective in other areas around the world is anticipated to be brought to the United Kingdom. The brand new plan calls for adding speed monitoring products (black box) to young driver’s cars in exchange for lower cost vehicle insurance.

The plan is searching for as much as 1000 volunteers who’ll possess the products suited to their cars in exchange for approximately half cost inexpensive vehicle insurance. You can find out more at UK Speeding

The unit will record speed data like a driver travels within their vehicle and can report sustained speeding towards the inexpensive vehicle insurance provider in addition to warning the motive force via audio alerts over 30mph and 70mph. The organization will contact the motive force to warn them from the offence. The plan will allow an undisclosed quantity of speeding but persistent speeder may have the 3 strikes as well as your out rule put on them.

The plan is going to be piloted in England with the expectation for lowering the death rate for young drivers on UK roads. This might also imply that youthful motorists are able to afford to operate a vehicle using the discount rates offered giving, inexpensive vehicle insurance for that fitting the unit for your vehicle.