Glasses for Driving

If you need to wear glasses in eveerryday life then the channces are that you need to wear glasses for driving. To be able to take the UK driving test you need to be able to read a car number plate at a distance of 20 metres. Any less than than this and you will not be able or allowed to take your test. However it is important to remember that this is the minimum. Someone with excellent vision should be able to read a nuymber pla=te from further away than that.

Get Tested

If you need to get your eyesight tested checkout Glasses4U for all the relevant information. You may be able to get help with the cost of an eyesight test if you are on benefits, or some opticians such as Specsavers offer vouchers for free tests.

The sunday times reports that a significant majority of UK car users believe an eye test should be a mandatory part of the driving test. In November 2018, the Association of Optometrists also called for compulsary, regular “comprehensive vision checks” of motorists, in order for them to be allowed to keep their licence.

Even though the DVLA launched an awareness campaign in July 2018 to encourage British drivers to regularly have their eyes tested it seems that their are lots of drivers whio continue to drive with defective vision.

Sofia Fazal, Professional Services Manager at ZEISS Vision Care UK said: “Our research shows that there is just as much appetite for a change in the law amongst the public as there is amongst road safety organisations”