Driving lessons

If you need to learn how to drive a car in the UK. One of the first & foremost driving lessons is that you should try to gain driving knowledge in a relatively less stressful & slower way rather than rush learning to drive.
Like the majority of driving learners, it is advisable to join the classic method of weekly driving lessons.
In order to meet the driving test criteria, it may take you around 3 months depending on your capability and driving passion. The more time you can manage, the less duration you will take in becoming adept in driving so that you can pass the driving test to achieve the UK driver’s license.
Acquiring a driver’s license in the UK is not an overnight process
Before you are allowed to drive your car on the UK roads & become part of the driving venture consisting of over 50 million drivers, you must first get your driver’s license. In fact, you need to have a lot of patience, keeping aside your passion (for a while) to come on the road within a few days.
In addition, you should not feel overwhelmed – you need to make up your mind that you are going to get involved in a rather lengthy process of acquiring your driver’s license.
In a nutshell, you have to go through the following 7 important steps, and every step will take its due time:
1) Submit your application to get your provisional driver’s license
2) Learn driving lessons from an experienced driving instructor near you
3) Have your driving lessons regularly in order to keep the important points fresh in your mind
4) Practice your theory test
5) Take your theory test
6) Continue to practice your practical driving lessons until you are fully adept
7) Take your practical test, pass it, acquire your driver’s lesson, & enjoy driving in the UK
Important instruction before you start learning to drive
 It is compulsory to acquire a provisional license before you start getting your driving lessons
 In order to apply online for a valid provisional license, please visit https://www.gov.uk.
 Make sure that you are not under 17 years of age otherwise your application will not be entertained.
 You must pass the two parts of the driving test before you are legally allowed to drive in the UK.
1) Theory-based driving test
2) Practical driving test

Tunbridge Wells driving school

What To Prepare for Driving Lesson?

You might have agreed that learning to drive formally is the best way to pass driving tests in Tunbridge Wells and get your real driving licence. Just like go to an ordinary school, there are things you should prepare for your driving lesson in a driving school. If you’ve just enrolled in a driving lesson in the UK, check things you should prepare below for a good start.

Provisional Licence

Never forget your provisional licence when taking a lesson at the Tunbridge Wells driving school in the UK. You should keep the licence on your wallet all the time even you’re in a supervised driving with your instructor. The instructor may ask you for the licence and if you can’t show one, she/he may not continue with the session. On the other hand, it’s a violation for not bringing the provisional licence if you’re behind the wheel even when you’re driving the car with your instructor.

Highway Code

It’s highly suggested to get familiar with the Highway Code before attending your first driving lesson. When you enrol in a driving lesson, you may get modules and the Highway Code should be one of them. If you can’t find one, you can learn the UK’s Highway Code from online sources. The code contains sets of road rules you should obey and respond when driving the car. This would be more crucial if you take the package that doesn’t include the Highway Code class. Knowing the code in advance allows you to take driving lessons more effectively.


For the best driving lesson experience, it’s better if you wear comfortable outfits, especially for footwear. You’ll deal with two or three pedals depending on the transmission type you choose. Use the right footwear which generally features good grip, breathable designs, and moderate tight fitting. Don’t wear stilettos, high heels, or any slippery footwear as they’ll make you losing controls on the pedal. Besides, you’ll feel discomfort during your driving lesson sessions.


It’s no longer a secret that learning to drive needs a full concentration and you can’t gain it if you’re not fit enough. There are various tasks you should perform during the driving lesson, listening to the instructors, steering the wheel, paying attention to Highway Code, and so forth. Many students keep failing to comprehend driving skills as they barely concentrate on their driving lessons. Have a nice rest and take adequate nutrition to make your body & mind fit and fresh for driving lesson.


Driving lessons in Tunbridge Wells aren’t only about learning to drive with the instructor but also about how you keep practicing what you’ve learned through sessions. If you’re not practicing, your next session may be about repeating the same topics. This way, you’ll waste time and money on your driving lessons. By practicing, you not only enhance your proficiency but also boost your confidence for the next session of the driving lessons. Don’t forget to prepare your theory test as soon as you start your driving lessons in a driving school.

Tunbridge Wells

Driving lessons in Uckfield

As a parent looking for driving lessons in Uckfield, you can play and dynamic and critical job in your youngster’s driving lessons. Here are some tips to impart to your offspring to urge them to be better, more secure drivers.

  1. Wear your safety belt: Insist that your high scholar dependably wears a seat strap, notwithstanding for short treks to the shops. You’re multiple times bound to be killed in a street crash in case you’re not wearing a safety belt. Safety belts work since they convey powers from an accident over the chest and pelvis, probably the most grounded pieces of the body. With the goal that belt could mean the contrast between getting a couple of wounds versus your body flying into the windscreen.
  2. Put the cell phone away: Learner and P drivers aren’t permitted to utilize telephones at all while driving. The physical, visual and subjective diversion prompts hazardous driving and builds the chances of an accident. Prior to beginning the vehicle, have your driver-in-preparing switch off his telephone and put it distant. In the event that they have to utilize the telephone, instruct them to stop and stop where utilizing a cell phone won’t be a risk to themselves or to other street clients.
  1. Adhere to as far as possible: Speeding is the greatest enemy of youthful drivers. Remind your teenager that there’s no strain to stay aware of different vehicles in rush hour gridlock. Keeping to as far as possible won’t just lessen the danger of a mishap, yet in addition help drivers stay away from exorbitant traffic fines that can influence vehicle protection premiums. Driving lessons with mum and dad should adhere to the same rules as with a professional driving instructor
  2. Check your vulnerable side each time: Side and back mirrors work admirably of demonstrating what’s going on behind the vehicle. Be that as it may, regardless they leave zones sufficiently enormous for different autos, bicycles and individuals to stow away in. That is the reason drivers should check their vulnerable sides:
  • Before hauling out from the kerb
  • Before stopping or leaving a stopped position
  • Before and amid a three-point turn
  • Before converging with other traffic
  • Before moving to another lane (for example when passing or surpassing)
  • Before turning, where you’ve seen another vehicle

It’s a smart thought to work on checking vulnerable sides with your adolescent until the head-over-the-bear move turns out to be second nature. It’s additionally conceivable to limit the span of a vulnerable side by modifying the side mirrors with the goal that your own vehicle is far out.

Parents have an important part to play in driving lessons in Uckfield based on the above information.

Forklift Licence Training

How Does Driving Simulаtion Benefit Forklift Licence Trаining?

Driving simulаtor trаining is the lаtest wаy to leаrn driving.  It’s very different from the conventionаl аpproаch from the tools or devices used up to the wаy it is conducted.  Though the old wаy of trаining is аlso effective, mаny consider driving simulаtion аs the more beneficiаl between the two.
Bаsicаlly, а simulаtor is а mаchine thаt mimics а reаl-life environment аnd scenаrios for а vаriety of purposes.  A driving simulаtor, аs its nаme implies, is consequently а mаchine thаt imitаtes roаd scenаrios for driving-relаted uses.  There аre mаny аreаs to which it cаn be used in entertаinment, reseаrch, аnd product development.  However, it is most notаbly recognized аs аn effective tool for forklift licence trаining.
Concerning finаnciаl requirement, you will need to invest more money by driving simulаtor instruction thаn with the conventionаl one.  Needless to sаy, it is becаuse а driving simulаtion is а contemporаry аpproаch аnd so it uses modern equipment like computers.  Apаrt from thаt, its аpplicаtions аnd the mаchine’s other hаrdwаre pаrts аlso hаve to be mаintаined.
Though it’s а little more expensive to trаin with driving simulаtion thаn with the mаnuаl method, the аmount you’ll spend is sure worth it.  Generаlly, it is becаuse the trаining it cаn provide is successful.  And the pаrticulаr benefits thаt you cаn get from it аre the following:
Sаfe trаining – With the use of the driving simulаtor, there is not аny need for аn аctuаl vehicle.  And so it eliminаtes possible driving trаining аccidents.  Plus, with it, you cаn leаrn how to respond properly on dаngerous situаtions without hаving to be аctuаlly in it risking yours аnd other people’s lives.
Fаst trаining – should you hаve to understаnd how to properly drive on а pаrticulаr time or seаson, there isn’t аny requirement for you to wаit.  For exаmple, if you need to leаrn or brush up your driving during winter, you don’t need to wаit for the snow to understаnd how to do it.  Or if you will need to leаrn how to be а smooth driver during rush hour, there isn’t аny requirement for you to be up in the morning or wаit in the аfternoon to trаin.  The mаchine cаn plаy out а pаrticulаr scenаrio thаt you need to trаin for.
Broаd trаining – This meаns thаt there’s а lot thаt you could find out with а driving simulаtor.  There аre vаrious sorts of it for different vehicles.  Thаt meаns thаt you cаn аlso trаin how to drive а forklift truck, bus, trаin or аny other vehicle with driving simulаtion.
With these overаll benefits, driving simulаtor trаining is indeed а much better wаy of leаrning how to drive.  Although there аre benefits with the stаndаrd method, more cаn be experienced with contemporаry trаining.

Learners on Motorway

As from 4th June 2018 learner drivers have been allowed on the motorway. And about time too say many experienced drivers. One of the most common complaints about motorway drivers are middle lane hoggers and many people are hoping that the fact that people are actually gouing to be able to get proper motorway lessons before they take the driving test is seen to be a good thing.

Two things to note though:

  1. Learners will have to be accompanied by an Approved Driving Instructor (not mum or dad!) on the motorway
  2. Motorway driving will not form part of the driving test

So it’s clear that motorway lessons will be voluntary. There is no requirement to take them. However, in reality anyone wanting to be a safe driver for life should get tuition for motorway driving.

If you are in the Bedford area and are wanting driving lessons or maybe you are a full licence holder who is lacking confidence on the motorways, then you should call Andy Baxter at Bedford Driving School for help and advice.

Full information on learning on the motorway is at the gov uk website.

Motorway driving

Pass your driving test first time

Most people hope to pass the test first time. So how to pass first time?

There are some ways to help. 

The first thing you are best off to sign up with the best driving instructor in your area. The best instructors are rarely offering cheap deals. Lower priced driving instructors will normally be lower quality You will be paying out more in the end.

Most instructors offer modern client centred instruction. This can be a much more effective way of learning compared to out of date modes of driving instruction. A reputable driving instructor would be expected to be patient friendly and reliable and should make you relaxed .

All learners want to pass their test at the first try.


driving test


What do you do to pass at the first attempt?

There are suggestions to make it possible.

The first thing you ought to get the most reputable instructor you can. Instructors with the highest pass rates will not usually be cheap. Lower priced trainers tend to be lower quality the probability is you’ll end up having to spend more in the long run.

Many driving instructors utilise modern client centred driving tuition . This is a better way of learning vis a vis obsolete instruction. A reputable instructor should be patient friendly and reliable and should make you relaxed.

One step worth thinking about can be how many driving lessons you should take each week. The more regular your driving lessons the quicker you should be able to learn to drive.

Something else that you could consider is taking an intensive course. This can be a good means to learn to drive if you need to pass the test quickly . An intensive driving course may be a good way to learn for some pupils. Mind you crash courses don’t work for everyone. For some people that a crash course does not give them time to take in what they are learning.

Learning to drive in Chiswick

If you are wanting driving lessons in Chiswick, this is all the information that you need to help you to pass your driving test.

The driving test lasts for about 38-40 minutes. Half of that time will involve the driving test examiner giving you instructions on a turn by turn basis. The other half is called independent driving. On most test this will involve following instructions from a satnav. However for one test out of every five the independent driving  involves following road signs towards a particular destination. – for instance the examiner will say “follow the road signs to Chiswick until I tell you otherwise”

Arriving for the driving test

You will need to turn up at the test centre about 10 minutes before your test time and wait in the waiting room. The examiner will ask to see your provisional licence and will ask you to sign the insurance and residency declaration. They will then ask if you want your accompanying driver/instructor to accompany you on the test or if you want them to be present for the debrief at the end. As you walk out of the waiting room with the examiner they will introduce themselves to you. They will then take you to a suitable place to read a number plate 20 metres away before getting to your car. At your car they will ask you the “tell me” vehicle question.

During the test you will normally also be asked to pull up several times at the side of the road on the left. One of these will usually be on a hill (hill start) and one time close to another car (angled start). You may also be asked to do a controlled stop (commonly called the emergency stop). One test out of every three involves an emergency stop so you may find that you don’t need to do one on your test. During the test you will be asked one “show me” question. For instance to open the window or switch on the headlights on the move.

In addition you will normally be asked to do one manoeuvre involving reversing – either

  • pull up on the right, reverse for two car lengths, pull away again
  • drive forward into a parking bay and reverse out
  • reverse park (either into a car parking bay at the test centre or by pulling up alongside another car in the road and reversing into a space)

At the end of the test you will be told whether you have passed. If you have passed the examiner will offer to send off for your new licence for you (he will then keep your provisional licence) and give you your pass certificate.


Nearest test centres for Chiswick are at Greenford –

96 Horsenden Lane North
Greater London

Driving lessons in Stockport and Poynton

VH Driving School in Manchester offer driving lessons with a friendly fully qualified driving instructor. The lessons are carried out in a relaxed and encouraging atmosphere with the aim that you learn to drive in a style and at a pace that suits you. Intensive driving courses and block booking discounts are available and lessons are carried out in a dual controlled Ford focus – one of the most popular driving school cars around. If you need help with the theory test then recommended books dvds and other resources are available. If you are interested in finding out more about driving lessons in Cheshire and South Manchester with Van Halen Driving School then visit the website for more information.

Dr1veschool Leicester

If you live in leicester there is a new driving school in town that you should try. Dr1veschool and it’s owner Shiraz have been successfully teaching in London for a number of years and now shiraz has moved to leicester and is offering the same high quality driving lessons at really affordable prices.

Dr1veSchool leicester driving school boasts an 80% pass rate and offers home pickup, block booking discounts and intensive driving courses in leicester.

To find out more about intensive driving lessons in leicester you can call Dr1veschool on 07506 132742.

If you are a driving instructor looking for a franchise in Leicester then Dr1veschool are recruiting instructors to join their team. Visit the website to find out how you can join up.

Dr1ve School


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