Learners on Motorway

As from 4th June 2018 learner drivers have been allowed on the motorway. And about time too say many experienced drivers. One of the most common complaints about motorway drivers are middle lane hoggers and many people are hoping that the fact that people are actually gouing to be able to get proper motorway lessons before they take the driving test is seen to be a good thing.

Two things to note though:

  1. Learners will have to be accompanied by an Approved Driving Instructor (not mum or dad!) on the motorway
  2. Motorway driving will not form part of the driving test

So it’s clear that motorway lessons will be voluntary. There is no requirement to take them. However, in reality anyone wanting to be a safe driver for life should get tuition for motorway driving.

If you are in the Bedford area and are wanting driving lessons or maybe you are a full licence holder who is lacking confidence on the motorways, then you should call Andy Baxter at Bedford Driving School for help and advice.

Full information on learning on the motorway is at the gov uk website.

Motorway driving