Theory Test Modules

The Theory Test is divided up into a number of modules and you will get questions from each of these modules when you take your test. Your result form will indicate to you which modules you scored incorrect answers for. It is important to make sure that you get plenty of theory test practice before taking the test. Try out the Theory Test Ninja app

The modules are:

ALERTNESS: This section covers questions on observation, anticipation, concentration, awareness, distraction and boredom.

An example question would be: If your mobile phone rings on the motorway what should you do?

ATTITUDE: This section is about consideration, courtesy, who has priority and following distances.

An example would be: Why should you never wave people to cross the road?

SAFETY & YOUR VEHICLE: This covers fault detection, defects, safety equipment, emissions and noise.

An example question could be: What is the purpose of a catalytic converter?

SAFETY MARGINS: This involves stopping distances, road surfaces, skidding and dealing with varying weather conditions

An example might be: How much longer could it take you to stop in icy conditions?

HAZARD AWARENESS: Topics covered include anticipation and attention, speed and distance, reaction times, alcohol, drugs and tiredness

A question might be: The driver in front has forgotten to cancel his signal – what should you do?

VULNERABLE ROAD USERS: Being aware of how to deal with pedestrians, children, cyclists, older drivers, disabled people, animals

A sample question would be: Who is especially in danger of not being seen as you reverse your car?

OTHER TYPES OF VEHICLE: Motorbikes, buses, lorries, trams

An example question might be: Why is it more difficult to pass a larger vehicle than a car?

VEHICLE HANDLING: Weather conditions, road conditions, time of the day, speed, traffic calming.

Example Question: You are travelling in very heavy rain, how much greater is your stopping distance likely to be?