Automatic Lessons in Luton

Why learn in an automatic car in Luton?

Quite simply it’s much easier to learn in an automatic car. You only have to contend with two pedals (the accelerator and brake) and so do not have to worry about a clutch pedal. This in turn means that you don’t need to trouble yourself with finding the biting point or the possibility of stalling. No gears means that you don’t have to worry about selecting the correct gear and you can focus more on the road ahead.

If you are struggling with learning in a manual car, then an automatic may be just the thing for you.

Of course you will then only be able to drive an automatic car in the future. With more and more cars in the UK being automatic this may not be a problem for you. For other people getting a licence in an automatic can be a stepping stone towards getting a manual licence.

If you want to discuss having Luton driving lessons in automatic car then contact Mirrors School of Motoring