Driving Instructor Jobs

To become a DVSA approved driving instructor you need to pass three tests. The first is a theory and hazard perception test, the second is a test of your driving ability and the third is a test of your instructional ability. This third part involves you teaching a real pupil for an hour with an examiner in the back to assess your performance. No one is allowed to charge for driving lessons unless they are registered with the DVSA.

Most driving instructors are either self-employed working for yourself or work under a franchise scheme. So basically if you are looking for a driving instructor job then effectively you are looking to sign up for a franchise.

What is a driving school franchise?

A franchise can operate in a number of different ways. They may be a franchise where the company (such as Red or BSM) supplies the car, the insurance, does the advertising and marketing and supplies the pupils. Other franchises may involve either you supplying your own car, or you acquiring your own pupils or any number of other variations.

With a franchise you do not get a guaranteed “wage” although the company may guarantee how many pupils they will supply. There is no such thing as a driving instructor job where everything is done for you, the pupil pays the company and you get a guaranteed wage. So effectively 99.9% of driving instructors who are teaching learners are self-employed.

By and large the people who may get a fixed wage as a qualified driving instructor are those who may be fleet trainers working for a specific organisation or those offering specific defensive driving packages.